LE | Photography

Jamie and Sean have been married for TWO YEARS! I truly can’t even believe its been two years since these wonderful people came to me around six weeks before their wedding and said will you take our photos?! And can we squeeze and engagement session in there too? Oh don’t worry – they made everything happen and it was a beautiful day. These two lovebirds just love life, love people, and really really love each other. The best part about this particular day was that Sean tried SO hard to make this photo session a surprise for Jamie. Alas, the universe worked against him and he had to tell her in the end. It was still very sweet and so fun to see these two again. DSC_4356DSC_4359DSC_4381DSC_4389DSC_4427DSC_4433DSC_4478DSC_4493DSC_4499DSC_4536DSC_4624DSC_4635

Fun fact: That particular bench may or may not be the spot where Jamie and Sean shared their first kiss. Let’s all say it together… awwwwwwww…DSC_4643DSC_4660DSC_4714DSC_4747DSC_4788DSC_4863DSC_4867

Brie | Headshots

This is Brie. She is the macaroni to my cheese. She is beautiful. She is hilarious. She is an incredible actress. Basically, she is one of the coolest people I know. We did a quick mini-shoot this summer and got her fixed up for some upcoming auditions. This is my friend, the super star.


I might be a little biased, but get ready to take a gander at three of the cutest children in the world.

These are a couple of my most best nieces and nephew. Miles, Ramona and Penelope are quirky, beautiful, happy little weirdo’s that I love a whole stinking bunch so I was super pumped when Matt and Megs called and said it was time for some new kiddo pics. They really weren’t planning on being in any photos themselves, but I maybe forcefully encouraged them to jump in a couple and I am so glad they did (just wait til you get to the end).

Anywho. Here is my family.


U of M vs MSU. Where do you stand? Well, this couple defies logic and loves each other despite opposing views on this most important topic. Lauren and Jeremy have fun and they love each other, which pretty much means everyone they surround themselves with also have fun and love them. That makes for an exceptionally fun wedding. There were some particularly memorable moments from this day, from groomsmen who didn’t want to pose but would rather play football to a sister/MOH who wrote an entire song for her MOH toast, and this newly married couple sharing their anniversary with Lauren’s amazing parents and making sure those two got their own “first dance” for their 28th wedding anniversary. There was laughter and tears, epic dance moves, SpringHill lovin, and a yellow Mustang.

It was a really good day. Thanks Lauren and Jeremy for letting Liz and I come along for the fun!


Yep. This is my family. And that first little bundle of cuteness below is my newest love, Levi. Levi showed up in our lives a little later than expected, but just on time in some ways. He has brought a whole new level of awesomeness to my Sister and Brother-in-love’s family. He has turned into a cutie little chunk of fun these days and I can’t wait to see the kid he is going to become. Wuv yu Wee-bi!

DSC_2166 DSC_2200 DSC_2333 DSC_2340 DSC_2362 DSC_2373 DSC_2393 DSC_2410 DSC_2425 DSC_2485 DSC_2510 DSC_2545 DSC_2548 DSC_2549

Oh. My. Goodness. Have you ever been to the Blue Dress Barn? It is just the dreamiest place. That on top of the super fun group of friends I got to hang out with on Dan and Ana’s wedding day made this a pretty stinking fantastic wedding. The threat of rain couldn’t keep us down and it ended up just being a beautiful day!

DSC_2634 DSC_2659 DSC_2654 DSC_2639DSC_2762DSC_2755DSC_2787DSC_2698DSC_2804DSC_2825DSC_2810DSC_2687IMG_2923DSC_2678DSC_2671IMG_2445DSC_2850DSC_2872DSC_2957DSC_2946DSC_3616DSC_2901DSC_2855IMG_2497DSC_2853DSC_3005DSC_3008DSC_3042DSC_3068DSC_3535DSC_3096DSC_3135DSC_3157DSC_3151DSC_3458DSC_3447DSC_3499DSC_3416DSC_3425DSC_3388DSC_3285DSC_3258DSC_3809DSC_3826DSC_3899DSC_3937DSC_3973DSC_3959DSC_4031DSC_4043DSC_4061DSC_4112DSC_2721DSC_2748DSC_4348DSC_4240DSC_4248DSC_3720DSC_4385DSC_4386DSC_4324DSC_4313DSC_4488DSC_4512DSC_4655DSC_4345DSC_4730DSC_4740DSC_4792DSC_4832DSC_4929 DSC_5052 DSC_4945DSC_4670DSC_5107DSC_5335IMG_3630DSC_5384


Dan and Ana love to laugh. I think it is the thing they spend the most time doing together, and I love that! I mean, who else would just up and jump in the fountain at the GRAM??? We had so much fun adventuring around Downtown GR together on a gorgeous spring day, and it was a great warm up for their wedding a couple of weeks later. Thanks for being so fun and fabulous you guys!

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