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I might be a little biased, but get ready to take a gander at three of the cutest children in the world.

These are a couple of my most best nieces and nephew. Miles, Ramona and Penelope are quirky, beautiful, happy little weirdo’s that I love a whole stinking bunch so I was super pumped when Matt and Megs called and said it was time for some new kiddo pics. They really weren’t planning on being in any photos themselves, but I maybe forcefully encouraged them to jump in a couple and I am so glad they did (just wait til you get to the end).

Anywho. Here is my family.


Yep. This is my family. And that first little bundle of cuteness below is my newest love, Levi. Levi showed up in our lives a little later than expected, but just on time in some ways. He has brought a whole new level of awesomeness to my Sister and Brother-in-love’s family. He has turned into a cutie little chunk of fun these days and I can’t wait to see the kid he is going to become. Wuv yu Wee-bi!

DSC_2166 DSC_2200 DSC_2333 DSC_2340 DSC_2362 DSC_2373 DSC_2393 DSC_2410 DSC_2425 DSC_2485 DSC_2510 DSC_2545 DSC_2548 DSC_2549

So, here’s the thing. I LOVE shooting at birthday parties and I love it for a few reasons. I think it is so awesome when parents are given the opportunity to actually ENJOY their child’s birthday. They can sit back and have fun and not have to worry about taking pictures for themselves. Also, kids birthdays are just FUN! There are cutie kiddos running around, parents enjoying hanging out with other parents, and there is almost always cake. What is not to like.

Ava’s first birthday checked all of the boxes of birthday fun. Check it out! DSC_5477



















Kenley Olsen | A First Birthday Party!

Kenley is the most awesome little 1 year old red head I have ever met. She has the funniest little growly laugh and quickly becomes anyone’s new best friend. This was extra fun for me since I was so close and yet so far to meeting little Kenley when I shot her mama’s baby shower last year. We did a two part shoot with both portraits-fun and then party-fun and we got so lucky with one of our last pretty days of the fall!

Enjoy all the fun and welcome to the most epic Elmo birthday party of all time!

DSC_8138 DSC_8225 DSC_8258 DSC_8298 DSC_8310 DSC_8385 DSC_8417 DSC_8478 DSC_8561 DSC_8679 DSC_8723DSC_0053 DSC_8906 DSC_8926 DSC_8948 DSC_9030 DSC_9107DSC_9125 DSC_9185DSC_8921 DSC_9417 DSC_9513DSC_8116 DSC_9552 DSC_9586

And now…. (drum roll)…. the funniest cake smash EVER. This kid LOVES CAKE. So much so that she wiped herself out by the end of it. Enjoy the awesomeness. DSC_9599 DSC_9704 DSC_9715 DSC_9810 DSC_9838 DSC_9885 DSC_9931 DSC_9941DSC_0035

The Wolfe’s | A Family Session

I had a BLAST hanging out with this adorable family at Cranbrook a couple weekends ago! Let me tell you, this family LOVES TO LAUGH. It was so fun hanging out with these kids,  doing animal voices, rapping, you know, normal stuff. Thanks for the fun you guys! DSC_7886

DSC_7909 DSC_7933 DSC_7951 DSC_7956 DSC_7986DSC_8050DSC_8028 DSC_8070 DSC_8083 DSC_8116 DSC_8120 DSC_8153DSC_8021 DSC_8258DSC_8322DSC_8328DSC_8277 DSC_8364 DSC_8421 DSC_8490 DSC_8547

The Sarconi’s | A Family Session

Say hello to my new friends, the Sarconi’s! You may recognize Kelly (in the first photo, far left) as a bridesmaid from Jamie and Sean’s wedding a little bit ago. Well, I had the privilege of getting to know the rest of her family, including two awesome tiny humans by the name of Jaclyn and Jimmy! We had such a blast walking and playing at the park in Rochester on a beautiful, albeit brisk, fall day. Take a look at the fun we had!