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Yep. This is my family. And that first little bundle of cuteness below is my newest love, Levi. Levi showed up in our lives a little later than expected, but just on time in some ways. He has brought a whole new level of awesomeness to my Sister and Brother-in-love’s family. He has turned into a cutie little chunk of fun these days and I can’t wait to see the kid he is going to become. Wuv yu Wee-bi!

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Isaac Jay | 4 month shoot

My sweet little nephew, most commonly known as Little Man. I had him over for a day this weekend and just did a miniature shoot to celebrate being 4 months old!

DSC_8858DSC_8860DSC_8882DSC_8904DSC_8927DSC_8930He is just perfect.


Isaac Jay Taylor | A baby shoot… and another one… and another one.

I would like you to meet Isaac Jay Taylor. He was the best surprise to come by our family in a long time! My sister and brother-in-law had barely finished the preliminary parts of the adoption process. They were fully prepared to hunker down and pray for their baby to be born. A whopping two days after the final step towards getting approved, this little guy decided he was ready for the world. Showing up five weeks early and months earlier than Liz and Jay were planning on, we know he is going to be a supreme over achiever. Here is his story so far…


Then, about two weeks later, I decided he had grown and we needed to take some more photos… here they are!


And then, two weeks later, it was OBVIOUSLY time for his official one month photos. And here they are!


Naturally, there will be many more to come. Probably in a couple of days. I’m just kidding. Wait, no I’m not.